Wednesday, July 06, 2005

New Trunk Layout

I started rearranging the trunk tonight. I spent a good deal of time moving things around, searching for what I believe is the best layout possible that will look cool and still have maximum trunk space. This is my plan so far.

I have found that I can stand up the computer case in the far left corner in the space behind the wheel. If I remove one of the case side braces that it will not get hit by the trunk lid supports as the trunk closes.

The sub is now placed in the far back right corner. This will leave a large square space between the sub and left side to place bigger items in the trunk.

The amp is going to sit directly in from of teh amp, pushed to the right as far as possible. A false floor is going to be built up over the amp to hide all the wires, protect the amp from water when opening the trunk, and allow items to be placed onto of the false floor. The floor is outlined in green. the center square on the floor is going to be a window showing off the amp. there will also be vents and/or a fan to circulate the air on the left side of the box.

There is also going to be a change in lighting. I have a pair of red lights that will replace the stock trunk light. It is very dim and the 2 red lights should go nice with the red bass strength and red lights throughout my interior.

Before tonight I had the sub and amp installed but the wires were a mess. Tonight I reran all the wires behind the side wall carpet or under the floor carpet. It all looks sharp! Tomorrow will be the the making of the false floor and final mounting of the PC case. Finally, everything is comming together!


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