Tuesday, July 05, 2005


So, have you been wondering how this all is wired into the car. Well, thats a story of its own.
Red = +
Black = -
Blue = + Accessory

As you can see, two wires have been run directly from the battery. First a 10 guage wire was run from the battery, fused with a 30 amp fuse, controlled by a relay, and attached to a second cigarette lighter plug. This controls the radar detector and switches it on and off with the car. My stock plug in powered on all the time.

Next, 4 guage wire was run to the trunk. This is fused with a 60amp fuse. It connects to a distribution block to divide the wire in two for the computer and amplifier. The blue accessory wire also runs along the side of the car to switch on the amp and teh relay that controls the computer. The computer is set to power on when power becomes present provided by the inverter.

Overall this system has turned out to be great! Tons of music and an Amazing sound system!


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