Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Carpc Application

Well, enough about the car. Now its time to talk about the application I have been developing over the last year on and off to control the car computer via touch screen, voice activation, and serial buttons. The entire thing works for teh most part, but is still faaaarrr from finished.

This is the basic set up of the main menu of the application. The entire thing is skinnable. This is just a test interface so I can run it for now. I am not a big graphics/photoshop guru, but hope to be soon. Just from this you can see the application includes a few features. Overall it includes:
  • Fully Skinnable
  • Direct X 9 for music playback
  • Voice Activation
  • Completely tweakable via xml options fiels
  • Advanced Playlist
  • Weather info
  • Picture viewer
  • Integrated IE
  • Auto File sync to remote machines for music updates
  • Map Point integration for Navi
  • and Much much much more
Well, got distracted and didn't finish this. Will continue another day...


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