Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Heat = Bad

As the title says, heat is bad. Summers in southern Illinois don't get extremely hot, but temperatures in the high 90's is not rare. part of the car computer is being able to access the internet and local wireless network from within the car. This is used to transfer files, remote desktop for service, and access the internet. As seen in the post below, I placed my linksys wifi adapter in the rear against the back window. This allowed me to have high signal strength while living in my college apartment. I was able to have a good signal parked a block away. Since moving back home, the summer heat has set in. That pretty wifi adapter has taken a new shape...

As you can see, it is not quite the shape you would expect.

The whole side was split open and the top was sitting lose.

From the side you can get a better idea of how the once flat surface have been molded by the summer sun.

On a side note, the computer could care less about the added heat. I have never had a problem during the summer. The only weather related problem I have encountered was last winter while visiting Michigan. It dropped to sub zero temperatures. Power on resulted in a loud sound coming from the hard drive as it attempted to spin up. A few days sitting in the warm house and all was good.


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